The purpose of the Community Committee is to provide support to three exclusive areas, all of which are incredibly important to any DAO’s outreach and success.
The first purpose of Community is to support the internal community: the DAO itself, the DAO’s mediums, the chat rooms, and the discussion furthering the DAO’s mission of collecting smart contracts as art while building a broader guide for future DAOs.
The second purpose is to support the external community. This relays the message and the mission of the DAO to people who may be watching, listening, or interested in joining the organization.
The third, and final, purpose is to connect the DAO to: artists, curators, designers, leaders, founders, and many more. The organization is stronger as a hivemind with ideas flowing not just from the top, but from all discussions across the Committees. It is crucial for the DAO to continue to expand its intellectual capital. Different from traditional organizations and capital groups, a DAO can be flexible with entrants (and exiters) and allow a greater amount of expertise inflow without the overhead.

How We Measure Success

Success in the Community Committee is based on how we present the DAO to its constituents and its audience. More than likely, a great number of eyes will be placed upon DAOs, and how they contribute to society over the coming decades. Fingerprints DAO wants to build in the open. It does not strictly want to collect smart contracts as art, but also set a standard and build a guide for future DAOs to follow.
The Community Committee succeeds by reaching out to fellow, like-minded individuals who see this common goal of building an organization, much larger than any one member, that will take on large acquisitions as well as issues that are pertinent to the art and fintech space.


Goals of the Community Committee are simple and straightforward. They are: (1) nurture the image of the DAO to reflect the mission; (2) expand the “mind” of the DAO and bring in individuals that wish to contribute in a meaningful way; (3) continue to discuss and push the boundaries of what is created and collected in this space; and lastly, (4) support an internal and external community of artists, curators, builders, founders, etc.


Currently the members of the Community Committee are: dollar_monopoly proper Aytch magic vinyl_bones Jacks

Current Projects + Timelines

There is an on-going discussion about the opening of the DAO to non-members as we try to best approach the idea of “building in the open.” Since the DAO was only created in mid-2021, this discussion may take some time before the Community Committee can actively initiate new projects.