Curation & Acquisition


The purpose of the Curation Committee is to procure potential smart contracts/art that may be acquired by the DAO. While it may sound like the purpose is to be a "discerning buyer," it is not that simple. Curation can be a discussion among artists, collectors, and members about what the DAO currently holds, or what the DAO may hold in the future. It is an ongoing discussion of what is relevant to the space, what may have been relevant in the past, and what may once again be relevant in the future.

How We Measure Success

Success in the Curation Committee is measured by the dialogue that is continuing everyday. It is not a Committee that has success or failure since the main goal (discussed below) is to gather the Fingerprints DAO's opinions on the ever-changing smart contracts and art in the space.


The main goal of the Curation Committee is to discuss relevant, forgotten, and "hot" smart contracts as art. The secondary goal is to move from curation to procuration (obtainment).

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