Phase III & Current Affairs

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Phase III allocations are now closed.

Phase III Pricing

Phase III is being opened up to the public (includes VCs) at 0.0025 ETH per PRINTS token. There will be 400k PRINTS available during this allocation, or 1,000 ETH worth. Membership to the DAO requires 5,000 PRINTS. The total supply of PRINTS is 10 million.

Current Projects

The DAO has numerous projects currently on-going. For instance, the "Lab" section in the Discord has a group of artists striving to incubate projects that further the NFT space and the DAO's purpose.

Avid Lines: The First DAO-Incubated Project

In collaboration with Arihz (from Framergence and Pulsquares), FingerprintsDAO is building utility retroactively into Autoglyphs and incubating their first project: Avid Lines. Check out @AvidLines on twitter or for more info. Public mint for this project began on July 28th, 2021 at 4pm UTC and was entirely sold out ~3 minutes later.

Staking Autoglyphs

The DAO has conceptualized a method to stake Autoglyphs (image below) and will be working to implement this in the near future.

Metaverse Presence

Fingerprints Collection is currently on display in FingerprintsDAO member Jez's water build here.

The DAO is building its own CryptoVoxel presence. Learn more here.

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